Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Pretty in Purple

Dear Oolon,

Seeing as you've been a bit distracted of late and My Dearest Husband has been getting Snorty ready to make his official re-entrance into society (no more munching on passing humans), I thought I'd take this opportunity to stretch my wings and do a bit of exploring myself. My way, with magic and stuff.
You always said you'd take me to Fuchsia (funny way of spelling it if you ask me, but then what do humans know?), so I thought that might be a good place to start. I studied the maps that Alfonso managed to bring back with him from his jaunts across the mainland and concentrated really, really hard. It takes a lot of concentration to bend things how you want them and I try not to do it to much in case something breaks (and not me, before you think to say it).

Fuchsia seemed very small (even by Pixie standards) until I looked over the edge of the metal pathway and discovered I was a considerable distance up in the air. Forunately Pixies are good with heights (even though our delicate stature might lead you to think otherwise) and I managed to flutter down without too much trouble.

Gosh, it was quiet. Which was very pleasant, don't get me wrong; all those lovely trees and grass and rivers, very calming, very serene. Er, except for the giant cubey things, which I don't really understand; unless its modern art or something, which I know you're not supposed to.

At least they were coloured appropriately for the name of the place, which was nice to see. Not that this was all that was there - oh no! There were some lovely buildings, too, which just confirmed my feelings about this place as a haven of tranquility. I had hoped it would also be a place of play because there was a big notice saying sandbox, but sadly I didn't see any spades or buckets or, rather more importantly, sand. If you need somewhere to go and gather your thoughts though, there was a columned building that was very pretty and the pool was perfect for a quick paddle, which made it a bit more like the seaside even if there wasn't any sand.

And you'll never guess what I found there? Mushrooms, several of them, all nicely positioned overlooking the river in a very comfortable pavillion. They must have known I was coming...

All in all, I think its a bit quiet here for you and your cosmopolitan tastes, but next door looked very nice so I might have a wander over there if I get back this way. I think Alfonso is hoping to get back to the Northern Continent at some point, so could we beg a lift?
Bye bye

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