Tuesday, 27 March 2007

When Worlds Collide

Dear Virrginia,

I know how you like to come along on our little jaunts, so your presence was very much missed on our last excursion. My, what an odd day that was. It didn't start well, what with the Old Girl throwing a wobbly right off the bat. Oolon insisted that there was a rational explanation for it all, of course (something about time rotors being out of alignment; you're good with cogs, does that make sense to you?), but somehow our poor, dear mode of transport just didn't seem to be in the mood for a day trip.

Still, she had a little joke at our expense for making her come out and play. I don't think we landed when or where Oolon had intended, for he insisted that we were some time in Caledon's future (more green goo as well, which does seem to be becoming a bit of a feature of our forays). If it was the future; time did seem to be behaving very strangely here, as I'm sure you'll appreciate by the time you've finished this letter.

A large sign announced that we were in Nakamura and I have to say that it did look very modernish. There were big blocky buildings, like the ones we saw in Toxia, shiny silver trams that didn't use steam (but still attacked any pedestrian within reach) and giant metal men guarding the train tracks.

I should have realised something was very wrong as soon as we arrived, but I have to admit that I wasn't quite myself. Not long after we ventured from the safety of the Cabinet's control room, my head began to spin and I felt very giddy. I remember asking Oolon about our location, but I don't remember hearing the reply; everything faded from my sight and all I can remember, quite perversely, is a large grey archway hovering over me and Mr Whittlesea's calm and gentle voice in my ear. I am informed that I vanished for quite a few minutes, leading to a hurriedly mounted search and rescue expedition.

Where I went, I don't know, and I'm even more mystified as to how I got back. It wasn't magic, I do know that, because it didn't smell right. I did think for a little while that one of the swirly creatures (you can see it in the blocky building picture) had kidnapped me, but it turned out to be one of Mr Mesmer's devices and he promised he wasn't playing tricks on me. Mind you, he didn't fare so well, either - he turned into a ball of light at one point.

After a brief sit down to collect my thoughts we attempted to use the tram system, which proved to be just as capricious as it's Caledonian cousin. Alfonso, Oolon, Terry and Mr Mesmer managed to get on the silly thing alright, but I slipped and ended up falling between the carriage and the platform. By the time I'd sorted myself out and dusted myself down, the blinking horror had rolled away and I had to trot along behind it as fast as my little legs could carry me.

This place seems to have a disproportionate amount of giant creatures living in the locality. Look at the size of this rabbit! You could feed the entire Caledon army on that beast for months. Just don't tell Em or Miss Paris that I said that.

As I chased after the confounded tram, I emerged from a very scary dark tunnel into this place. Now this is more like some of the kingdoms where I hail from, so I was a little surprised to see it in Caledon's future. It was at this point that I really began to wonder if we were when we thought we were. Still, nice and colourful and the flowers were ginormous.

Alfonso, bless him, came to look for me as soon as he had a chance to get off the nasty shiny tram and he confirmed that things were even stranger than we'd previously thought. Despite once again there being no-one about to talk to, I could sense the presence of living creatures nearby (not the bunny, there was no mistaking him). There were ruins (and goo) but there was definitely something and when I screwed up enough courage and popped over the broken walls, there was Port Seraphine (a regular shopping haunt of mine). But that didn't make much sense; how could we be in Caledon's future but not be at the same time?

Mr Mesmer summoned Alfonso and me at that point to use his swirly thingy (a portal he called it), so that we could rejoin Terry and Oolon, who had continued their explorations elsewhere. It tickled.

Time took another twist on the other side of the whirling door and we appeared to have walked into Nakamura's past (even though you can still see the future blocky building in the background). It was so much more tranquil and green here, but it's presence just added even further to the confusion. I have to say, I think that time is all jumbled up together in Nakamura; not that I'm an expert, but I don't see how else you can have the past, present, future and magical all in the same place at the same time.

I was feeling very weary, so when Oolon suggested a shopping trip around the otherwise very intriguing shops I felt I had to decline (see, told you I wasn't myself). We went back to the place we had left the Cabinet, but she wasn't there. It was almost the last straw, I can tell you, but Oolon insisted I shouldn't worry and the Old Girl did indeed pop back into being a few seconds later. I clambered inside and settled down on the chaise in the Bar (its ever so comfy) and promptly fell asleep. I have no idea when everyone else came back, but I awoke in our tent at the Circus.

And there you have it; as I said, a very odd day. Still, I hope that won't put you off joining us the next time we pop out for a bit. It would be lovely to see you again.

Your friend,



Qlippothic Projects said...

Few things are more disconcerting to a chrononaut than being overlapped in two (or more!) time zones at once. It may have been a malfunction of your aetheric chamber, or it may have been a contrivance of the Nakamurans themselves. Perhaps they desperately sought to recover something lost in their past, or were conducting fishing expedition into the future for unwritten history or a "miracle device". Needless to say such timegates are highly unstable!

Virrginia Tombola said...

Dear Fuschia,

How terribly exciting--which is naught but a romantic way of saying "nerve wrackingly frightening". To imagine such disconcert that you would be put off of your belov'd pastime of shopping! I hope you will not think me a frail flower, but perhaps it was for the best that I did not accompany you, as I must admit to the occasional bout of the vapours around such chrono-logic fissures as you seem to have encountered. I do so envy you your Northern Fey fortitude!

I must admit amusement at your reports of Mr Mesmer's light experiments. He has been playing with such things more and more, sometimes even when he calls at Dr Whittlesea's! Truly, like all of his sort, he sometimes fails to remember when he is not safely ensconced in a lead lined lab. Still, he is as dear as he is clever, and I do hope he doesn't lose his head over his experimentation!

Well, Miss Lightfoot tells me things *ought* to be less dramatic on the next outing. Just a quick visit to a friend of Mr. S's, I understand. I've a new riding habit and a bit of sandwich suitable cold beef, so I am more than at the ready to accompany you on the next outing.

yrs etc,