Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lists Are Good

Checksheet for regeneration:

1. Old Timelord


2. Cast of thousands


3. White Lady


4. Fireworks


5. Nice Effects Shots

6. New Timelord
Blimey. Check

7. Star Vampire


8. Power Source

Power source? Oh bugger.........

9. Dancing


10. Bananas

Oh yes. Bananas are good.


Lapin Paris said...

A very nice pictoral account for those of us unable to attend the event.

Current Population: 2 said...

Apparently so. Big one. Eats stars and galaxies.

Turned out rather well, all things considered.....


Violet Schnabel said...

Eats stars and galaxies?


Hotspur O'Toole said...

All things considered?

Current Population: 2 said...

Yes, considering that it could have all gone a lot worse.

Er, maybe.

I think.

Mind you, come to think of it, how good is no power source, a greebly monster and an old fogey?


Neb said...

I am soooo slow. I was wondering about Oolon's new "look". Is this permanent? Is this a Dr. Who thing? I've never watched the show, so I'm utterly in the dark about it...

Current Population: 2 said...

Ah yes, Mrs Peterman, it is indeed a Dr Who thing.

To cut a long story short, Oolon is a Timelord (a race of beings with two hearts and the ability to regenerate into new bodies twelve times). He and his companions Miss Emilly Ladybird and Miss Terry Lightfoot are stranded on the Grid with their Cabinet (Oolon's time machine or TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space). They have allied themselves with a group of other Timelords also stranded on the Grid and together they are attempting to return back to their own universe. Oolon is currently in his 3rd generation.

Not sure if this helps or not!

Check Oolon's blog under "500 Year Diary" on the links bar to the right of ours for a full run down of what's going on.

Myself and Fuschia only really dip in and out of this plot now and again, so we are often equally confused even though we do know about Dr Who...


Alfonso Avalanche

emillyorr said...

The Professor knows another Emilly?

I must meet her at some point. And here I thought I was in a distinct minority, having that spelling...and in all honesty, when I first joined, there were only three other damsels with that variant, so I was.

But hrm. Star vampire. And she's not becoming pitifully underfed on the grid?