Wednesday, 17 January 2007

From the Homestead

My Dearest Emilly,

It's a funy thing, married life. I still tend to think of myself as Miss Begonia, rather than Mrs Begonia-Avalanche. I mean, honestly, my name is now longer than I am!

Speaking of which, sometimes I could cheerfully strangle that husband of mine (if I could reach that high, of course). I know that he's being all terribly noble by going off on this jaunt on behalf of the Governor, but I do wish he'd finish what he starts before moving off onto his next little adventure. I might have the butterfly wings, but he's most definitely got the butterfly mind.

Is the circus finished? No. Alright, we have a camel and a lion and two elephants for people to ride (although after what happened to poor Miss Tombola, I'm not sure one of them will be let out of his box again in the very near future). Oh, and a giraffe and chickens. I'm a bit confused about chickens in a circus, but Alfonso seems rather pleased with them. And we have a couple of acts, but I'm not allowed to mention them before opening night.

Is the lift installed, so that all our lovely friends can actually reach the circus come opening night? No.

What has he left lying around in lieu of a lift, I hear you ask? A steam powered plank.

I'm not joking, Emilly, I'm really not. He's left a steam powered plank. Which I then promptly tripped over, because I didn't know it was there. And now my foot really hurts and I can't go exploring the lands around the colony like I promised him I would. I know I have wings, but they're not very good over long distances (and flying never was my strong suit).

And do you know how people are supposed to get down from elevated heights of the circus platform once the plank has shot them unceremoniously 400 yards into the wild blue yonder? Diving board or cannon. Not a word of a lie. You have to love his style; its utterly unique. Mind you, as you know, that cannon is a lot of fun.......

As you can see, our fellow Companion Miss Lightfoot greatly enjoys the thrill of the High Dive (and you can see my poorly foot, too)

I don't suppose that I could borrow Oolon and his contraption instead, could I? I'd be ever so grateful. I know its being temperemental at the moment, but perhaps we could just do short hops to interesting sounding places until my foot gets better and I can be the big adventurer on my own. I just don't want to let Alfonso down, because he was so excited about expanding our understanding of the mainland.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please tell Oolon that I promise not to touch any knob, whistle or bell, if you think that will help. And I'll be a good pixie.

Your faithful friend,


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