Thursday, 18 January 2007

To the Brave Adventurer

Hello My Love!

I hope the butterfly found you safe and well and still all excited about this foray of yours. I never realised just how big the tent was until you weren't in it. Even those nice, stripy blankets (like the ones I gave you for trading with the natives) don't quite keep out the chills of an evening with you not here.

Now you mustn't panic when you see the daguerotypes - it's only a little pot and I can hobble about really well on it. And Oolon and Miss Lightfoot are looking after me for the next few days or until it's better. And I have a lovely cup of tea (and Oolon has given me chocolate to cheer me up). I thought that the music room would be best, then I won't get under his feet while he's busy repairing the old girl.

In fact, Oolon is going to take me out for jaunts in this contraption so that I can keep my end of the bargain up. He won't tell me where we're going, but it will be so much more exciting that way, don't you think?

Please be careful, won't you? I know you're big and strong, but sometimes you can be a big softy and I want you to promise to wrap up warm and don't drink the local water and only eat things that don't look like they'll eat you back.

And look what Oolon gave me to cheer me up as well as the chocolate. It's from when you broke the roof at the Anvil. I shall look at it every time I miss you, and it will make me smile. We're very lucky having friends like Oolon, aren't we?

Well, I shan't hinder your progress any further. You be careful, or else I shall have to deal with you when you get home. And I'll let you know how we're getting on exploring too, if you'd like.

All my love


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